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  • Laptop, Desktop and Tablet SALES & SERVICES
  • Laptop, Desktop and Tablet SALES & SERVICES
29 01-2016
Laptop, Desktop and Tablet SALES & SERVICES
Description :

        Everyone loves their computer, until it starts malfunctioning. At this point, it can be a source of huge frustration. Rather than spending hours struggling to pinpoint what is wrong and then attempt to fix it, a better option might be to simply contact a computer repair service. There are many problems that can be fixed quickly and even remotely, getting you back to work as quickly as possible.

       Hardware installation and repair should handled with a knack, so it is definitely a good idea to call a computer service to make sure that all of your new hardware is installed correctly and running properly. This includes installing and repairing internal components such as graphics cards, hard drives and RAM. We also can help with the installation of external features such as printers and scanners.

      We are specialized in Computer sales and services. We Provide warranty support even if the Computer purchased from other dealer.

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Item detail
List of  the Computer Peripherals that we Sales & Service.
  • Processor
  • Ram
  • Mother board
  • Hard disk
  • SMPS
  • DVD
  •  Monitor
  • Input devices
  • Printer
  • Camera
  • Scanner
  • UPS

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